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Educational Web Site Resources

Efforts have been made to cite sources in a consistent style and to ensure accurate Uniform Resource Locator (URL) addresses. However given the variable nature of information available on the internet, citations may vary in their format and URL addresses may be subject to change.

General Resources

The John Hopkins CAAT Alternatives to Animal Testing Website (accessed June 20, 1997). A project team of university, government, nonprofit, and company organizations working together to create a comprehensive global resource on alternative methods.

Nature America Inc. 1995 [copyright] Nature Buyers' Guide. (accessed June 9, 1997). Searchable guide containing address information, along with a listing of products, services, and trade names of more than 1700 companies in the natural sciences marketplace. More than 1100 products and services listed.

Shreder, Kevin. Antibody Resource Page. (accessed June 11, 1997). Comprehensive web page on antibodies with links to educational resources, databases and databanks (hybridoma banks included), journals, companies, information on specific antibodies and more. Terrific site to begin a search.

Smith, Cynthia, D'Anna Jensen, et al. March 1997 Information Resources for Adjuvants and Antibody Production: Comparisons and Alternative Technologies (accessed June 11, 1997). Electronic version of this document. Contains over 500 current bibliographic citations regarding adjuvants and antibody production methods compiled from scientific journals, proceedings, and newsletters. A company/institute listing of suppliers of antibodies and antibody production products are also listed. Emphasis placed on citing comparative studies and research into alternative methods.

Articles and References

Czirbik, Rudolf J., Steven M. Rosen, et al. Factors affecting antibody production efficiency in hollow-fiber bioreactors. Published in IVD Technology Magazine in July, 1996. (accessed June 11, 1997).

De Young. H. Garrett New Antibody Technologies on Tap? Published in The Scientist 10(18):20, September 16, 1996. (accessed May 8, 1997).

Haak-Frendscho, Mary. Why IgY? Chicken polyclonal antibody, an appealing alternative. Published in Promega Notes Magazine Number 46, 1994, p.11. (accessed June 11, 1997).

Monoclonal antibody technology. Excerpted from "What is Biotechnology?" Washington, D.C.: Biotechnology Industry Organization, 1989. (accessed June 11, 1997). Easy to read overview of monoclonal antibody technology.

Pam Pimpa. January 1997 [last update]. Monoclonal antibody production by 6bb hybridoma in batch and fed-batch cultures. Department of Agricultural Science and Technology Faculty of Applied Sciences, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, North Bangkok, Bangsue, Bangkok, Thailand. (accessed May 8, 1997).

Sauceda, Jo Ann. Overview of immunology and the production of monoclonal antibodies. Department of Biology at Texas AandM University, Kingsville, Texas. (accessed June 17, 1997).

van der Kamp, Margot and Wim de Leeuw Short review of in vitro production methods for monoclonal antibodies. Published in NCA Newsletter 3, October 1996.

Faculty Home Pages

Dissertation abstracts. Department of Immunotechnology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden. (accessed June 17, 1997). Dissertation abstracts from doctoral theses published from graduate students at Lund University on antibody production. Links provided to student home pages for further information on individual research interests and publications.

Georgiou, George. July 12, 1996 [last updated] Department of Chemical Engineering,University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas. (accessed June 17, 1997). Research interests in the function and engineering of antibodies, including the production of complex pharmaceuticals in bacteria.

Courses Offered on Phage Display Technology

Barbas, Carlos, Dennis Burton, and Gregg Silverman. Phage display of combinatorial antibody libraries. November 4-17, 1997. (accessed June 17, 1997). Library/lecture course focusing on the construction of combinatorial antibody libraries from immune and non-immune sources, as well as synthetic antibody libraries.

Rathod, Pradipsinh K., Course Director Combinatorial chemistry, phage display and in vitro evolution. May 5-9, 1997 Center for Advanced Training in Cell and Molecular Biology (CATMC), Department of Biology, The Catholic University of America, Washinton, D.C. (accessed June 17, 1997). Introduction to different types of combinatorial libraries.


International Business Communications (IBC) Southborough, MA. (accessed June 27, 1997). An independent organizer that sponsors conferences on antibody engineering, phage display technologies, and other science related topics. Proceedings of previous conferences available for a fee.

Larrick, J.W.1 and Dennis Burton2, organizers.Therapeutic Antibody Technology 1997 Palo Institute of of Molecular Medicine, Mountain View, CA1 and Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA2. (accessed June 27, 1997). Researchers in the field of recombinant therapeutic monoclonal antibodies will present recent work in this rapidly changing field.

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