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Women in Agriculture and Rural Life: An International Bibliography
Part I. Women on the Land: Europe

Published to coincide with the Second International Conference on Women in Agriculture, Washington D.C., USA June 28-July 2, 1998

Special Reference Briefs Series no. SRB 98-02 (Introduction.)
ISSN: 1052-536X

Compiled by:
Anne B. Effland
Economic Research Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Mary Gold
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
National Agricultural Library
Agricultural Research Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture

June 8, 1998


598. NAL Call No.: 277.8 J822
Age at leaving home in rural Ireland, 1901-1911.
Guinnane, T. W. J Econ Hist. v.52(3): p.651-674 (1992 Sept.)
Includes references.

599. NAL Call No.: 280.8 EC732
Appraisal of policies of equal opportunities and treatment of women, from 1980 to 1984, and conclusions.
Butragueno, A. J. Econ Bull Eur JUN Econ Comm Eur. v.37(1): p.89-95 (1985 Mar.)

600. NAL Call No.: S16.R815
Aspects of increasing the role of women as a labor force in the agricultural producer cooperatives of the Cluj district Romania. Aspecte ale feminizarii fortei de munca din
cooperativele agricole de productie ale judetului Cluj.
Olsh, M.; Sztranyiczki, C. Bul Inst Agron Cluj Napoca. Cluj Napoca, Institutul Agronomic "Dr. Petru Groza". (35): p.109-111 (1979)
3 ref.

601. NAL Call No.: 280.8 EC732
Case study Austria, 1979-1984.
Bohm, C.; Gaudart, D.; Stimmer, B.; Bartunek, E.; Gross, I. Econ Bull Eur JUN Econ Comm Eur. v.37(1): p.3-15 (1985 Mar.)

602. NAL Call No.: 280.8 EC732
Changes in the economic role of women: political imperatives for the future.
Skrede, K. Econ Bull Eur JUN Econ Comm Eur. v.37(1): p.77-88 (1985 Mar.)
Includes statistical data.

603. NAL Call No.: S13.R6 nr.181
Changes in the economic situation of farms managed by women. Wyd. 1. Przemiany w sytuacji ekonomicznej gospodarstw rolnych kierowanych przez kobiety.
Sawicka, J. 110p. (SGGW, Wydawn, 1993)
Summary in English.

604. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Changing gender roles in Hungarian agriculture.
Repassy, H. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.23-29 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

605. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Complementary roles and asymmetrical lives. Farmers' wives in a large farm environment.
Symes, D. G.; Marsden, T. K. Sociol Ruralis. v.23(3/4): p.229-241 (1983)
Presented at the XIIth Congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology, Budapest, July 25-29, 1983.

606. NAL Call No.: 277.8 J822
Enclosures, common rights, and women: the proletarianization of families in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
Humphries, J. J Econ Hist. v.50(1): p.17-42 (1990 Mar.)

607. NAL Call No.: 19 AG85
Every-day life of women on small and medium peasant farms (Germany, 1934-1938) Social conditions, history. A parasztasszonyok realis mindennapjai a kis- es kozepparaszti uzemekben, gazdasagokban.
Jacobeit, S. Agrartort Sz Historia Rerum Rusticarum. Budapest, Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Agrartorteneti Bizottsaganak Folyoirata. v.23(1/2): p.60-103 (1981)
Includes ref.

608. NAL Call No.: 20.5 R59 Ser.D t.183
Exploitation of women's work on peasants' farms. Praca kobiet w gospodarstwach chLopskich.
Hetman, E. 135, 2p. (Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, Warszawa, 1981)
Summary in English and Russian.

609. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Farm women in Europe: their need for off farm employment.
Gasson, R. Sociol Ruralis. v.24(3/4): p.216-228 (1984)
Includes references.

610. NAL Call No.: HT401.A36
Farm women in Slovenia: endeavors for equality.
Barbic, A. Agric Human Values. v.10(4): p.13-25 (1993 Fall)
In the Tenth Anniversary Issue, 1984-1993.

611. NAL Call No.: 30.98 AG8
Farm women in the Third Reich.
Lovin, C. R. Agric Hist. v.60(3): p.105-123 (1986 Summer)
Includes references.

612. NAL Call No.: HD1535.S38F37
Farm worker's incomes in 1843.
Levitt, I.; Smout, C. Farm servants and labour in lowland Scotland, 1770 1914/edited by T.M.Devine ( J. Donald). p.156-187; maps. (1984)
Includes 35 references.

613. NAL Call No.: S217.C3
The farmer's wife: her role in the farm business [Percentage of time spent in various activities].
Errington, A. J. CAS Pap Cent Agric Strategy Univ Reading. (15): p.223-228 (1983)
Paper presented at the symposium on "Strategies for Family-worked farms in the UK" held Sept. 1983, Reading.

614. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Farmers' wives in protest: a theatre of contradictions.
Berlan, M. Sociol Ruralis. v.26(3/4): p.285-303 (1986)
Includes references.

615. NAL Call No.: HD6073.A292G78
Farming women: gender, work, and family enterprise.
Whatmore, S. xiii, 189p. (Hampshire: Macmillan Academic and Professional, Houndmills, Basingstoke, 1991)
Includes bib liographical references (p. 168-183) and index.

616. NAL Call No.: 30.98 AG82
Female wage-earners in late fourteenth-century England.
Penn, S. A. C. Agric Hist Rev. v.35(pt.1): p.1-14 (1987)
Includes references.

617. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Feminist perspectives in rural geography: an introduction.
Little, J. J Rural Stud. v.2(1): p.1-8 (1986)
Includes references.

618. NAL Call No.: 281.28 R88
The feminization of production on part-time farms in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Pfeffer, M. J. Rural Sociol. v.54(1): p.60-73 (1989 Spring)
Includes references.

619. NAL Call No.: HC10.R43
From hoes to hoes: state policy, agricultural mechanization, and women's work under central planning.
Meurs, M. Rev Radic Polit Econ. v.26(4): p.99-117 (1994)
Includes references.

620. NAL Call No.: 11 AC82
Gender partnership: a postulate for socioeconomically viable family farms.
Westermarck, N. Acta Agric Scand. v.36(4): p.429-434 (1986)
Includes references.

621. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Gender relations and farm household pluriactivity.
Gasson, R.; Winter, M. J Rural Stud. v.8(4): p.387-397 (1992)
Includes references.

622. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Gender relations and the family farm in Western Europe.
Blanc, M.; MacKinnon, N. J Rural Stud. v.6(4): p.401-405 (1990)
In the series analytic: Pluriactivity and rural change in Western Europe/edited by A.M. Fuller. French abstract, p. 358.

623. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
The growing importance of diversification activities for French farm households.
Benjamin, C. J Rural Stud. v.10(4): p.331-342 (1994)
In the special issue: Rural realities: options, trends, and choices/edited by M. Shucksmith.

624. NAL Call No.: T1.A6
Has anything changed for women? Labor force, social conditions.
Carr, M. Appropriate Technol. v.9(3): p.1-4; ill. (1982)
9 ref.

625. NAL Call No.: S11.W3 no.17
The Household, women and agricultural development: proceedings of a symposium organized by the Department of Home Economics, Agricultural University Wageningen, The Netherlands 18-20 January 1979.
131, ill., map. (Veenman & Zonen B. V., Wageningen, The Netherlands, 1980)
Includes bibliographies.

626. NAL Call No.: HD584.F33
Inheritance, property and women: some comparative considerations [Land tenure].
Goody, J. In Family and Inheritance; Rural Society in Western Europe, 1200 1800. J. Goody, J. Thirsk & E. P. Thompson, eds. p.10-36 (1976)

627. NAL Call No.: 424.8 AM3
A lady beekeeper in Poland.
Taber, S. Am Bee J. v.128(6): p.435-437; ill. (1988 June)

628. NAL Call No.: S7.A58 Nr.39
Lebensverhaltnisse von Altbauern und Altbauerinnen = Living conditions of old farmers and farm women.
Pevetz, W. 345p. (Osterreichischer Agrarverlag, Wien, 1983)
Summary in English.

629. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Life cycle or patriarchy? Gender divisions in family farming.
Whatmore, S. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.71-76 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

630. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Macrosocial change, feminization of agriculture and peasant women's threefold economic role.
Cernea, M. Sociol Ruralis. v.18(2/3): p.107-124 (1978)

631. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Norwegian farm women and the cultural meaning of food.
Thorsen, L. E. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.63-66 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

632. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Norwegian gender roles in transition: the masculinization hypothesis in the past and in the future.
Almas, R.; Haugen, M. S. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.79-83 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

633. NAL Call No.: 281.28 R88
On the question of the feminization of production on part-time farms: evidence from Norway.
Blekesaune, A.; Haney, W. G.; Haugen, M. S. Rural Sociol. v.58(1): p.111-129 (1993 Spring)
Includes references.

634. NAL Call No.: 280.8 SO14
Peasants, patriarchy feudal mode of production in England. 2. Feudal lords and the subordination of peasant women. Land tenure.
Middleton, C. Sociol Rev. v.29(1): p.137-154 (1981 Feb.)
28 ref.

635. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Pluriactivity and changing household relations in the Land van Maas en Waal, The Netherlands.
Vries, W. M. d. J Rural Stud. v.6(4): p.423-428. maps. (1990)
In the series analytic: Pluriactivity and rural change in Western Europe/edited by A.M. Fuller. French abstract, p. 358-359.

636. NAL Call No.: HD1940.C95A1
Problems of woman labor in agriculture. K problemu pracovni ucasti zen v zemedelstvi.
Posvar, Z.; Sekaninova, J. Acta Univ Agric Fac Agroecon Rada D Spisy Fak Provozne Ekon. v.13(1/4): p.83-91 (1977)
6 ref.

637. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
The productive roles of farm women in Yugoslavia.
First Dilic, R. Sociol Ruralis. v.18(2/3): p.125-139 (1978)

638. NAL Call No.: S457.K46O75 1990
Pull no more bines: an oral history of East London women hop pickers.
O'Neill, G. 164p.; 16 p. of plates. (Women's Press, London, 1990)
Bibliography: p. 163-164.

639. NAL Call No.: 6 W893
Realizing the potential of farm women [Socioeconomic aspects, Italy].
Pela, G. World Agric. (International Federation of Agricultural Producers). v.28(1/2): p.6-9 (1979)

640. NAL Call No.: HT401.S25
Remuneration of women's labour in agriculture Social policy. Odmenovani prace zen v zemedelstvi.
Prikrylova, A.; Kohn, P. Sb UVTIZ Sociol Zemed. (Praha, Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska, Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci). v.15(2): p.129-141 (1979)
4 ref.

641. NAL Call No.: 281.8 Z32
The role of women in agricultural development projects. Labor, supply and demand.
Bergmann, E.; Bergmann, H.; Schul, J. J. Z Ausl Landwirtsch Q J Int Agric. v.19(2): p.135-145 (1980 Apr.-1980 June)

642. NAL Call No.: GB651.B84
The role of women in Greek irrigation projects.
Bergmann, H.; Bergmann, E. Bull Dtsch Verb Wasserwirtsch Kult. (8): p.155-164 (1983)
Paper presented at a "Symposium on Man and Technology in Irrigated Agriculture," 1982, Bensheim/Bergstrasse, Fed. Republic of Germany.

643. NAL Call No.: HQ1240.5.D44R6
The Role of women in the Finnish development co-operation: guidelines and programme of action.
Finland. Ulkoasiainministerio. Kehitysyhteistyoosasto. 61p. (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finnish International Development Agency, Helsinki, 1990)
Cover title.

644. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Roles of farm women in England.
Gasson, R. Sociol Ruralis (Assen, Van Gorcum). (1980)
Bibliography p. 178-179.

645. NAL Call No.: 281.9 AG8
Roles of women on farms: a pilot study England and Wales.
Gasson, R. J Agric Econ. v.32(1): p.11-20 (1981 Jan.)
20 ref.

646. NAL Call No.: HD1521.J6
Rural women in late nineteenth-century. Denmark. Occupations, history.
Hansen, B. K. J Peasant Stud. v.9(2): p.225-240 (1982 Jan.)
Includes 35 ref.

647. NAL Call No.: HC59.7.U53
Rural women: issues for research, policy and organisation for gender equality.
White, C. P. IDS Bull Univ Sussex Inst Dev Stud. v.15(1): p.1-5; ill. (1984 Jan.)
Includes references.

648. NAL Call No.: HQ1662.R87 1992
Russian peasant women.
Farnsworth, B.; Viola, L. 304p. (Oxford University Press, New York, 1992)
Includes bibliographical references. Peasant way of life-- Temptress or virgin? the precarious sexual position of women in postemancipation Ukrainian peasant society -- Peasant women and their work -- Razdel: the peasant family divided -- Litigious daughter-in-law: family relations in rural Russia in the second half of the Nineteenth Century -- Childbirth and culture -- To save oneself: Russian peasant women and the development of women's religious communities in prerevolutionary Russia -- Village women experience the revolution -- Rural women and the law -- Bab'i bunty and peasant women's protest during collectivization -- Women in the Soviet countryside on the eve of World War II, 1935-1940 -- Role of women in Soviet agriculture -- Soviet rural women -- Rural women and glasnost.

649. NAL Call No.: HC10.R43
The sexual division of labor and social control: an interpretation.
Humphries, J. Rev Radical Polit Econ. v.23(3/4): p.269-296 (1991 Fall-1991 Winter)
Includes references.

650. NAL Call No.: HT401.S25
Social participation of agricultural population, particularly of women and young people. Spolecenska participace zemedelske populace, zvlaste zen a mladeze.
Hudeckova, H. Sb UVTIZ Sociol Zemed Cesk Akad Zemed Ustav Vedeckotech Inf Zemed. v.20(1): p.13-21 (1984 June)

651. NAL Call No.: HC59.7.U53
Some thoughts on the life story method in labour history and research on rural women.
Stubbs, J. IDS Bull Univ Sussex Inst Dev Stud. v.15(1): p.34-37 (1984 Jan.)
Includes references.

652. NAL Call No.: SF601.S8
The spell at Tolworth--a wife's view. Veterinary medicine.
Lloyd, W. H. State Vet J. v.34(100): p.19-21 (1979 Jan.)

653. NAL Call No.: 66.8 B392
A study of the involvement of farm wives in farm-farm home-family decisions and tasks--in County Laois in 1976 [Ireland].
Twomey, J. Biatas, The Tillage Farmer. v.32(2): p.55-57 (1978 June)

654. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Theoretical issues of women's non-agricultural employment in rural areas, with illustrations from the U.K.
Little, J. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.99-105 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

655. NAL Call No.: 281.9 N632
To the problems of women's accidents at work in a cooperation district. K problemom pracovnej urazovosti zien v kooperacnom obvode Sala.
Bandlerova, A.; Pekarik, S. Acta Oper Oecon. (Bratislava). (39): p.259-270 (1984)
Includes references.

656. NAL Call No.: S530.T7
Training women for agriculture and rural development in Hungary.
Gomori, E. Train Agric Rural Dev. (FAO). (19): p.6-11 (1980)

657. NAL Call No.: 280.8 V89AE
The utilization of female labor in agriculture
Fedorova, M. Probl Econ N Y. v.20(3): p.35-51 (1977 July)
Translated from Voprosy Ekonomiki 12:55-64 (280.8 V89)

658. NAL Call No.: HQ1593.H77 1991
Victorian countrywomen.
Horn, P. viii, 281p. (Basil Blackwell, Oxford, UK; Cambridge, Mass., 1991)
Includes bibliographical references (p. 235-276) and index.

659. NAL Call No.: 281.9 SO15
What is today the part played by women in their farms and in the village society. La femme ambigue a l'ecart ou au coeur du monde rural.
Bodiguel, M. Econ Rurale (Societe francaise d'economie rurale). v.134(6): p.29-34 (1979)
5 ref.

660. NAL Call No.: SF601.S8
A woman's eye view of the state veterinary service.
Bach, J. M. State Vet J. v.34(100): p.58-60 (1979 Jan.)

661. NAL Call No.: HQ1599.S35W66 1996
Women and access in rural areas: what makes the difference? what difference does it make?.
Chapman, P.; Lloyd, S. xi, 96p. (Avebury, Aldershot; Brookfield, Vt., 1996)
Includes bibliographical references.

662. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Women and the reproduction of family farms: change and continuity in the region of Thessaly, Greece.
Gourdomichalis, A. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.57-62 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the
World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

663. NAL Call No.: HQ1240.5.S68B7
Women in the Soviet countryside: women's roles in rural development in the Soviet Union.
Bridger, S. xv, 259p. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge; New York, 1987)
Includes index.

664. NAL Call No.: HD6073.A292G77 1995
Women of the fields: representations of rural women in the nineteenth century.
Sayer, K. x, 201p.; 8 p. of plates. (Manchester University Press; Distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press, Manchester; New York, 1995)
Includes bibliographical references (p. 183-192) and index.

665. NAL Call No.: HD6073.A292G7 1900
Women of the land: their story during two world wars.
Twinch, C. xii, 162p. (Lutterworth, Cambridge, 1990)
Includes bibliography and index.

666. NAL Call No.: TX341.F3
Women's contribution to farming.
Sheridan, R. Farm Food Res. v.13(2): p.46-48 (1982 Apr.)

667. NAL Call No.: HT407.E36
Women's issues in rural Europe.

Barbic, A. The Economics & sociology of rural communities: East West perspectives/edited by Daniel Thorniley (Gower). p.124-161 (1987)
Literature review.

668. NAL Call No.: 280.29 Am3A
Women's role in the founding of the cooperative movement.

Thompson, D. I. Am Coop. p.244-246 (1995)
Includes references.

669. NAL Call No.: HD1535.S38F37
Women workers, 1850-1914.
Devine, T. M. Farm servants and labour in lowland Scotland, 1770 1914/edited by T.M. Donald. p.98-123 (1984)
Includes 98 references.

670. NAL Call No.: 20.5 R59 SER. G
Work time of a rural housewife. Bilans czasu pracy gospodyni wiejskiej.
Strzyzewski, B.; Szymkiewicz, M.; Frindt, A. Rocz Nauk Roln Ser G Ekon Roln. (Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe). v.83(3): p.127-137 (1983)
Includes references.

671. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Working conditions of women married to selfemployed farmers.
Morkeberg, H. Sociol Ruralis. v.18(2/3): p.95-106 (1978)

672. NAL Call No.: 18 G31
Workloads of farm managers and their wives, with particular reference to those borne by their wives--results of an empirical survey conducted amongst 2,851 farms. Arbeitseinsatz des Betriebsleiterehepaares unter dem besonderen Aspekt der betrieblichen Belastung der Landfrau.

Pascher, P. Ber Landwirtsch. (Paul Parey). v.60(1): p.55-76 (1982)
28 ref.

673. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Young women in a male periphery--experiences from the Scandinavian north.
Dahlstrom, M. J Rural Stud. v.12(3): p.259-271 (1996 July)
Includes references  

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