rural funding

Compiled by Beth Blevins and Susan Marder. September 2002. Rural Information Center Publication Series; no. 70, 2005 Edition. Beltsville, MD. Last Modified: Oct, 2012. In the 1990's, rural health care providers began to rally in the face of this challenge. They have been developing new strategies for meeting the needs of their communities, and have been working creatively with their colleagues and neighboring communities to maximize resources. Much of that effort has been enhanced with financial and technical assistance from federal, state, and private institutions. In the spirit of that same assistance, this publication is offered to those who are working to assure and improve health care in rural America now and throughout the decade.

This resource guide was prepared by Patricia LaCaille John of the Rural Information Center, December 2005. Last Modified February, 2015. This resource guide identifies business information that may be helpful when starting or maintaining a small rural business including links to full-text resources about: issues to consider before starting a business; the how-to-start a business process; and marketing information. It also contains information on funding sources, training opportunities, technical assistance and general business information.