Research and Technology

Computers and Information Technologies in Agricultural Production and Management. Parts I and II.
I. Quick Bibliography Series: QB 97-09. June 1991-December 1993. Updates QB 90-83 and QB 91-146. 550 citations in English from AGRICOLA. September 1997.
II. Quick Bibliography Series: QB 97-10. January 1994 - June 1997. Updates QB 90-83, QB 91-146, and QB 97-09. 544 citations English from AGRICOLA. September 1997
Compiled by Karl Schneider. NAL Call numbers aZ5071.N3 no.97-09 and aZ5071.N3 no.97-10.

This bibliography listed 1999 selected citations of Books, Papers, and Journal Articles from the AGRICOLA and CAB ABSTRACTS Databases. Compiled by: Mary V. Gold, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library. April 2000.