Organically Produced Foods: Nutritive Content (SRB 2008-02)

Organically Produced Foods: Nutritive Content
Special Reference Briefs Series no. SRB 2008-02
Covers publications from 2000-2008
August 2008

This bibliography contains 283 citations for articles, conference papers, reports and book chapters published 2000 through July 2008. Cited works focus specifically on the nutrient content of organically produced foods: vitamin and mineral content, phytonutrients (phytochemicals), fatty acids and related chemical constituents. Each cited item relates directly to food produced from organic agricultural and/or handling practices.
Continued by "Organically Produced Foods: Nutritive Content," SRB 2000-03 [Publications from 1945-2000]

Compiled by: Mary V. Gold
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library, USDA
August 2008


Subject:  Marketing and Trade