Organically Produced Foods: Food Safety Issues (SRB 2008-03)

Organically Produced Foods: Food Safety Issues
Special Reference Briefs Series no. SRB 2008-03
August 2008

This bibliography contains 174 citations for articles, conference papers, reports and book chapters published January 2000 through July 2008. Cited resources focus specifically on food safety issues related to organically produced foods. These issues include pesticide and related chemical residues in foods; heavy metal and microbial contamination of foods linked to farming and handling practices; natural toxicants including phytochemicals in foods that may affect food safety; antibiotic residues in animal products and their impact on antibiotic resistance in humans and animals; and fungal and bacterial contamination of organic animal feeds.

Compiled by: Mary V. Gold
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library, USDA
August 2008


Subject:  Marketing and Trade