Marketing and Trade

Agritopics Series no. AT 93-02.
Compiled by: Suzanne DeMuth.
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.
September 1993.
NAL Call no. aZ5073.A37 no.93-02.

This bibliography identifies books, reports, articles, research projects, periodicals and videos that focus on the business of community supported agriculture (CSA) farming. Compiled by the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library. May 2011.

This description or definition of Community Supported Agriculture is excerpted from:
1993 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide
Agri-topics no. 93-01. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, September 1993

Compiled by:
Suzanne DeMuth
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
National Agricultural Library
Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Quick Bibliography Series: QB 97-02. 235 citations in English from AGRICOLA in this bibliography were entered in the AGRICOLA database between January 1991 - December 1996. By Mary V. Gold, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center. June 1997. NAL Call no. aZ5071.N3 no.97-02.

Information resources for Farm to School activities are underrepresented in the formally published academic literature. Most materials exist as informal papers and research reports on individual organizational Web sites or as articles in regional/local news, trade and popular publications. This bibliography pulls together many substantial materials on Farm to School efforts across the United States. Special Reference Briefs no. SRB 2011-02. Compiled by Stephanie M. Ritchie, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library; and Wei-Ting Chen, Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. June 2011.

The 2008 series of 8 guides updates the previously compiled 2003 and 2005 single-volume directories, Organic Agricultural Products: Marketing and Trade Resources, listing online information sources for regulatory requirements, retail and wholesale markets and marketing, international trade, consumer studies and business support for organic producers. All three editions are archived here.

This online bibliography lists recent books, articles, news items, reports and videos related to marketing organic foods. Compiled by Mary V. Gold, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center. July 2001.

"Ten years ago it was easy to direct people to information about organic agriculture. Resources were limited, and reference to a few books and articles was often all that could be offered. Today, electronic and print information overwhelms the seeker of organic-related information.... Organic food and fiber production is presently one of the fastest growing agricultural sectors in the United States, both in terms of annual sales and farmed acreage....This document will present background information on the organic knowledge base in terms of history, quality, and quantity, and it will present resources and techniques that may be used for optimal retrieval of organic resources and data."

Organically Produced Foods: Food Safety Issues
Special Reference Briefs Series no. SRB 2008-03
August 2008

This bibliography contains 174 citations for articles, conference papers, reports and book chapters published January 2000 through July 2008. Cited resources focus specifically on food safety issues related to organically produced foods. These issues include pesticide and related chemical residues in foods; heavy metal and microbial contamination of foods linked to farming and handling practices; natural toxicants including phytochemicals in foods that may affect food safety; antibiotic residues in animal products and their impact on antibiotic resistance in humans and animals; and fungal and bacterial contamination of organic animal feeds.

Compiled by: Mary V. Gold
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library, USDA
August 2008

Organically Produced Foods: Nutritive Content
Special Reference Briefs Series no. SRB 2000-03
Covers publications from 1945-2000
July 2000

This bibliography focuses specifically on the nutritive value of organically produced foods: vitamin and mineral content, as well as related chemical constituents. With the exception of a handful of references to publications that deal with the general relationship of soil qualities and crop composition, each document cited contains at least some information about nutrients found in food as related to organic production. Most items deal with research results; several are overviews of literature or research, or are opinion pieces. Many compare organic foods with those conventionally produced.
This SRB continues "Organically Produced Foods: Nutritive Content," SRB 2008-02 [Publications from 2000-2008]

Compiled by: Mary V. Gold
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library, USDA
June 2000