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Quick Bibliography Series: QB 92-56. Updates QB 91-150. 378 citations in English from AGRICOLA in this bibliography were entered in the AGRICOLA database between January 1985 - July 1992. By Jane Potter Gates, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center. August 1992. NAL Call no. aZ5071.N3 no.92-56.

Prepared for the Second International Conference on Women in Agriculture June 28-July 2, 1988, organized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and held in Washington, DC, this bibliography covers information about women as farmers and farmworkers, women in farm families, rural nonfarm women, and women as agricultural professionals. It is organized by three subject categories: "women on the land", "women as agricultural professionals", and "bibliographies and non-print media". Each of the three subject categories is further divided into seven geographical designations: North America (including Mexico), South America (including Central America and the Caribbean), Europe (including Russia/Soviet Union), Asia (including the Pacific Islands), Africa, Australia/New Zealand, and International. Users will also find author indices at the end of the bibliography. Citations cover January 1970 through March 1998 and are limited to those in English, or with English summaries.
Compiled by Anne B. Effland, Economic Research Service, USDA; and Mary Gold, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library, USDA. June 8, 1998.