economic development

This resource guide was revised and updated by Patricia L. John in 2005. Rural Information Center Publication Series; no. 67 2005 Last modified: July 2013. Local governments face challenges that impact their ability to provide both current and new community services. This online guide provides local officials access to full-text resources discussing local government finance issues.

This resource guide was revised and updated by Patricia LaCaille John November 2004. Rural Information Center Publication Series Number 60, Revised Edition. Last Modified: February, 2015 This revision of Promoting Tourism in Rural America covers the major issues in rural tourism including agritourism, cultural/heritage tourism, ecotourism, planning, marketing, economic impact and more. It provides web links to more than fifty full-text "how to" information guides, manuals, and handbooks for assisting local officials, communities, and citizens involved in tourism development and includes a section of resources organizations.