Quick Bibliography Series: QB 94-18

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Tim Allen
Animal Welfare Information Center

March 1994National Agricultural Library Cataloging Record:

Allen, Tim
Anesthesia and analgesia for companion and laboratory animals.
(Quick bibliography series ; 94-18)
1. Animal anesthesia--Bibliography. 2. Laboratory animals--Bibliography. I. Title.
aZ5071.N3 no.94-18

Quick Bibliography Series, QB 95-12
January 1989 - January 1995
Updates QB 94-18

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Allen, Tim
Anesthesia and analgesia for companion and laboratory
animals : January 1989-January 1995.
(Quick bibliography series ; 95-12)
1. Animal anesthesia--Bibliography. 2. Laboratory animals--
Bibliography. I. Title.
aZ5071.N3 no.95-12

Special Reference Briefs Series, SRB 98-01
January 1990 - November 1997

Updates Special Reference Briefs Series no. SRB 93-06

Kreger, Micheal D.
Animal euthanasia.
(Special reference briefs ; 98-01)
1. Euthanasia--Bibliography. 2. Animal Welfare--Bibliography. 3. Animal welfare--Moral and ethical aspects--Bibliography. I. Title.
aS21.D27S64 no. 98-01

Swanson, Janice C.
Animal Welfare Information Center (U.S.)
Exercise for dogs
[Beltsville, Md.] : Animal Welfare Information Center, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library, [1991]
aZ7996.D64 S93 1991

Quick Bibliography Series, QB 97-08
January 1993 - June 1997

Updates QB 94-24

Updated by: Information Resources on the Care and Welfare of Dogs

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Kreger, Michael D.
Housing, husbandry, and welfare of the dog.
(Quick bibliography series ; 97-08)
1. Dogs--Bibliography. 2. Dogs--Housing--Bibliography. 3. Animal
aZ5071.N3 no. 97-08

Smith, Cynthia Petrie.
Animal Welfare Information Center (U.S.)
Information resources on the care and welfare of dogs / compiled and edited by Cynthia P. Smith.
Beltsville, Md. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Agricultural Library, Animal Welfare Information Center, [2008]
Call Number: aHV4701 .A94 no. 40

Quick Bibliography Series: QB 94-24

Updated by QB 97-08

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Cynthia Petrie Smith
Animal Welfare Information Center
Published in cooperation with the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

April 1994 National Agricultural Library Cataloging Record:

Smith, Cynthia Petrie
The dog.
(Quick bibliography series ; 94-24)
1. Dogs--Bibliography. I. Title.
aZ5071.N3 no.94-24