agricultural economics

This bibliography includes 157 citations from the National Agricultural Library's AGRICOLA database on the economic aspects of organic production. Compiled by Mary V. Gold. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, NAL. July 1997. NAL Call no. aZ5074.O75 G65 1997.

National Agricultural Library (NAL) staff produced this guide for distribution "Who Will Pay for On-Farm Environmental Improvements in the 21st Century?", at the symposium held April 12, 2000 at NAL in Beltsville, Maryland. The symposium offered individuals with different perspectives on the economic aspects of agricultural operations and environmental quality the opportunity to exchange views and ideas on the topic. Agriculture in the United States has historically produced a food supply that is relatively inexpensive and that benefits our society. However, agriculture, like other land uses, can have negative impacts on the natural environment. That detracts from our quality of life. To counter this, many people are working toward the goal of protecting the environment while maintaining the agricultural producer's ability to operate a viable enterprise that provides an adequate standard of living, contributes to the community and produces high quality, affordable food. Compiled by Andy Clark, Stuart Gagnon, Mary Gold, Joseph Makuch, Robert Rand, and Susan Wilzer. December 2004.